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Staff Emails

At Weston Turville C.E. School, communication between the school and parents is considered to be extremely important, so, in order to make this as easy as possible, staff can be emailed using the following links.

Please note:

  • All emails are covered by the Parent Partnership policy and in the unfortunate event that the service is abused, the school may have to withdraw the service.
  • Staff may not be able to reply immediately or outside of school hours.
  • Emails are not the best way to hold in-depth discussions, but it may be a convenient way to raise any issues and to arrange a meeting to discuss it further.
  • Please do not email individual staff to inform the school of absence, medical needs or to return permission forms - these must be directed to the school office or as indicated on the relevant form.



Email Address

Ms Fitzpatrick


Miss A Pedrick

Class R

Mr Hooper

Class 1

Mrs V Bloxham

Class 2

Mrs Z Cookson

Class 2

Mrs P Forster Class 2
Mrs R D'Souza Class 3

Mrs V Gibbs

Class 3

Miss L Butcher

Class 4, Senior Leader

Mrs E Hoodless

Class 5, Deputy Headteacher

Mrs M Dickinson

Class 6

Mrs K Gelly

Class 6