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At Weston Turville C.E. School, we realise that our expected high standards cannot be achieved without a strong, dedicated team, and all members of staff work hard to deliver the best education possible.

"Staff enjoy their work at the school. During the inspection, many referred to the ‘family’ that is Weston Turville school. From their responses to the online questionnaire, staff feel valued and respected and are proud to be at the school."

Ofsted 2018  



The school is led by our headteacher, Ms Fitzpatrick, in conjunction with a Senior Leadership Team of Mrs Hoodless, the Deputy Headteacher, Miss Butcher, and Mrs Gibbs, our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator.  Each year group comprises a single class that is led by a class teacher who draws upon the support of one or more Teaching Assistants to deliver the curriculum in an effective and targeted way for each pupil.  We believe strongly in good links between teachers, pupils and parents and all teaching staff work hard to develop these relationships.  The school has two formal parent-teacher evenings each year. 

In addition to teaching, we believe that, in order for children to achieve their potential, a clean, safe and stimulating environment is vital along with plenty of opportunities to play and exercise.  The physical environment is the responsibility of Mr Andrews, our caretaker, and a team of cleaners who work hard to maintain and care for the school site and its facilities.  The school serves hot school lunches and a dedicated team of Midday Supervisors, led by Mrs Piercy, ensure that the children can enjoy their lunch as well as have some much-needed play time.

Headteacher Ms S Fitzpatrick Reception Class Miss A Pedrick
Deputy Headteacher Mrs L Hoodless Class 1 Mr T Hooper
Senior Leader Miss L Butcher Class 2

Mrs Z Cookson, Mrs V Bloxham, Mrs P Forster 

SEND/Inclusion Manager Mrs V Gibbs Class 3 Mrs Gibbs, Mrs R De Souza
Early Years Leader Miss A Pedrick Class 4 Miss L Butcher
    Class 5 Mrs L Hoodless
Office Manager Mrs J Barter Class 6 Mrs M Dickinson/Mrs K Gelly
Office Administrator Miss C Wilson Pre-School  Mrs K Randall
Caretaker Mr S Andrews Cleaners Mrs S Burns, Mrs A Andrews
Lead Midday Supervisor Mrs J Piercy Midday Supervisors Miss C Schneider, Mrs J Piercy, Mr S Andrews, Mrs M Duckett, Miss H Long, Mrs S Ramzan
PPA Cover Teacher

Mrs P Forster

Mrs M Pye

Mrs K Gelly

Mrs S Holdsworth

Mrs S Ellis

Support Assistants

Mrs S Burns, Ms C Denton,

Mrs D Burgess, Miss C Gurney,

Mrs J Townsend, Ms C Underwood, 

Miss C Schneider, Mrs E Davies,

Mrs K Randall, Mrs K Norton,

Mrs J Nash, Mrs A Ferris,

Miss A Grella, Mrs A Andrews

Nurture, ELSA support Mrs C Garbutt Sports Lead Mrs S Ellis