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Remote learning

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Accessing remote Learning

At Weston Turville we are committed to supporting the education of every child during periods of closure or self-isolation. We understand some families may not have access to sufficient devices to access the digital platforms. As a school we are able to support requests for equipment to be loaned for free. We only ask for parents to return the equipment at the end of the remote learning period.

In some cases some children may find learning online difficult and staff will work with families to ensure they still have access to learning materials. This will include phone and or video call conversations to check on welfare, paper copies of work and text books to be completed following the class teachers planning.

Expectations and Feedback

In order to support children continuing to feel part of the class in school we would ask parents to follow the code below and support the children to maintain the same school routine as identified in the suggested timetable.

Children at home are expected to be at their device to access the learning from the time set by the individual class teachers. A Teaching Assistant will be supporting the children at home by taking a register and checking they are completing the work during the lesson. The teacher will also be available to answer questions throughout the lesson.

We would ask all parents to ensure the following code is adhered to while lessons are taking place

  1. Children are in suitable space to complete work and not in bedrooms, and if possible with an adult nearby to support any technical issues.
  2. Children are prompt in attempting to log into their learning platform and re-join where needed.
  3. Cameras are to be on for the initial part of each lesson, but may need to be turned off during the lesson or as requested by the teacher.
  4. Children should be dressed and wearing their school uniform jumper or cardigan while learning. This is to emphasise this is school learning which needs to be completed to the standards expected in school. Also, it reinforces to all children the importance of learning together in a  shared experience with their peers.
  5. The sessions are not to be copied, or recorded in any way. Any further supporting learning materials or videos will be placed on the learning platform for children to access
  6. Children will not be able to access the live learning stream before the teacher has opened the lesson which will usually be a few minutes before the lesson will start.
  7. If anyone accessing the online learning is considered to be behaving inappropriately the staff will make a request for an improvement in behaviour. If this is not seen the child may be removed from the live lesson. Work will still need to be completed.
  8. All work set is to be completed by 3pm of the same school day and posted on the appropriate platform. Staff will endeavour, where appropriate, to provide suitable feedback.
  9. If a child is unwell while at home and unable to access the learning we would ask, as for normal absence, parents contact the school to allow us to code our registers correctly.

In many cases the work children need to access will be posted onto their learning platform earlier than the designated day. This will provide an opportunity for parents to view them before a lesson starts.

All children will be marked on our internal registers so we can monitor who is attending the live sessions. There will also be close monitoring of children’s work submissions and if there are any concerns teachers will contact parents to discuss how support can be provided.

Children can expect their teacher to provide feedback either in the live lesson or on the digital platform as appropriate. These will be private comments which are not seen by anyone else.

Additional Support for pupils with particular needs

We recognise some pupils, for example pupils with special educational needs and disabilities may not be able to access remote learning without support from adults at home.

The SENDCo will contact parents to discuss how learning can take place and what support can be provided at home. This may also be to organise meetings with external agencies.

Remote Learning for self-isolating pupils

Where individual pupils need to self-isolate but the majority of their peer group remains in school, how remote learning is provided will likely differ from the approach for whole groups. Work will be provided and contact will be made with the pupil which is a closely linked to that of children in school. All planning and learning is sequenced to allow new skills and knowledge to be mastered while learning from home.