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Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education (PSHE)

We use “Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education” (PSHE) as an umbrella term for all aspects of practice and learning in our school associated with wellbeing and health. A significant part of our PSHE provision is accessed through planned, discrete lessons drawing on the Cambridgeshire PSHE Service scheme of work. In addition, teachers deliver and revisit aspects of the PSHE curriculum via cross-curricular links with a range of National Curriculum subjects (for example, Science), as is appropriate for the children they teach. Our PSHE curriculum is also supported by whole-school enrichment activities.

Many aspects of our PSHE provision are statutory, as part of Relationships Education and Health Education. However, there are other areas which we consider important for our children e.g. Road Safety, Sex Education and Financial Education. These areas are not statutory at Primary level, but we will teach them in the wider context of our PSHE provision to meet the needs of our children as fully as possible.

We do not seek to teach Relationships Education and Health Education as separate subjects, but integrated through the topics we cover in our broader PSHE programme.

Relationships and Sex Education Policy

The school teaches Relationships and Sex Education as part of the PSHE curriculum.  Whilst it is recommended that all pupils take part in all elements, parents have the right to withdraw their children from the 'sex education' part of Relationships and Sex Education.  This takes place for older children only.  Parents should contact the school office to make an appointment to talk through any concerns they may have about the curriculum and are considering withdrawing their child.

We use the Cambridgeshire PSHE scheme to deliver much of the material we teach. Please see below for further information, and click the tab on the right for knowledge and skills development.