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“Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” 


Music is an integral part of life, and an essential part of the development of the whole person. The opportunities to sing, play, listen to, create and simply enjoy music is crucial for the development of the whole child, and offers children a new different way of expression. We believe that music is there to be enjoyed, and as such, music runs through the school. Children may attend music and dance club in KS1, join the pop choir at lunch time in KS2, or join the Friday Choir run by our partner church. These give the children opportunities to perform not just to each other, but also to parents in school religious services, and to members of the public at community events. Music is played to walk into assemblies, and during lessons where appropriate, and children come together to sing as a school during assemblies. These opportunities go beyond the technical skills and understanding, but help children to develop as a person, be a part of a community, and to feel joy. At Weston Turville, we strongly believe that music is good for the soul.

Throughout their time at Weston Turville, children will not only develop their singing skills, but will learn how music works, and gain a technical understanding of composing, notating, and playing tuned and untuned instruments. At the end of their time at Weston Turville, children will be able to bring these skills together to create music that they are proud of. Children have access to music not only through clubs and whole class music lessons, but also through having the opportunity to take music lessons from specialist peripatetic teachers.

Through their music education, children will have exposure to different cultures and given the opportunity to understand and celebrate these. Music lessons give children the opportunity to build their confidence and sense of self, offering an opportunity to express themselves, form opinions and feel a sense of personal achievement.

Please see our Creative Arts policy below.