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Disadvantaged Pupils

There can be many reasons that children are disadvantaged.  Some speak English as an additional language, some come from poorer backgrounds, some have special needs, some are either in care or adopted from care and some move around regularly because their parents are in the armed forces.  Sometimes these disadvantages lead to children not performing as well at school as their peers.

To help to address this the government provides some funding especially for these children to support their learning.  Pupils who are eligible for free school meals or in Local Authority care qualify for an extra £1,455.  Those from services families qualify for £335.  This is known as the Pupil Premium.  To find out more about how this money is being spent in our school and what impact it is having on our disadvantaged children please check out our Pupil Premium statement below.

“Leaders are determined to ensure that disadvantaged pupils reach their potential. Your deputy headteacher is leading the drive for effective inclusion of all pupils through high-quality, everyday teaching resulting in the pupils being engaged with their learning.”  

Ofsted 2018