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Design Technology

“Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.”

Robert L. Peters

At Weston Turville School, we believe that it is important for children to be able to use their creativity to design and construct products that solve real problems that are relevant to them, and meet needs that they can relate to. Our curriculum is designed to give children the opportunity to consider the needs of themselves or others, and convert this into a usable product by the implementation of a range of tools and techniques. We believe that DT should challenge children’s creativity and give the children the opportunity to apply their learning to real world routines, problems and issues. Children are encouraged to think from a design point of view from the beginning of reception all the way through to Year 6. Children are given the chance to access materials to design and make things of their choice in reception, and at the end of their primary school career take part in the Year 6 business enterprise, applying the skills they have gained over their time at Weston Turville.

DT lessons are a crucial opportunity for children to develop their resilience, as making mistakes are a large part of the subject. Children will be taught how to use these mistakes to make appropriate changes, and adapt and improve their designs to make their finished product as effective as possible.

This design process goes hand in hand with the development of skills. These will encompass food and nutrition, textiles, product design and workshop projects. Each of these skills will be covered in each year group, using age appropriate topics that are relevant to the interests of the children. Our DT curriculum is designed to be as practical and rigorous as possible, allowing children to carry out their work independently in a supportive setting.

Please see our Creative Arts policy below.