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Class 5

Friday 27th March

Hello everyone I hope all is well and everybody is keeping safe. 

Next week in maths we were going to be looking at lengths and converting measures. I have uploaded some resources but realise sometimes the PDF files aren't uploading correctly. We would have been doing lots of practical work physically measuring lengths and then converting e.g. m to cm and cm to mm. 

Measuring lengths of people's fingers is always interesting - maybe draw a graph of the results?  Look on BBC bitesize for other activities also twinkl. 

In English we were going to rehearse and perform the Highwayman poem with acting out and sound effects. This could be fun but learning and performing any poem would also be good. 

I'm hoping the other activities are still keeping you going. Writing the next chapter of Cosmic story is a possibility or writing a letter to NASA asking to become and astronaut using plenty of persuasive techniques. 

Easter themed art is always fun and there are lots of resources available on-line. We usually make Easter cards and write Easter poems or prayers and decorate them. 

Feel free to email me if you need any more advice. 

Miss you all

From Mrs Hoodless