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As Weston Turville is an Aided Church School, the Governing Body controls admissions to the school with the support of the Local Authority and the Oxford Diocese.  

2019-20 Arrangements 

For the year 2019-20 the Local Authority proposed a change to our catchment area in response to major housing developments planned in the area and potential oversubscription within Aston Clinton's catchment due to the cumulative effect of housing approvals in the village.

Following the recent approval by AVDC's Strategic Development Management Committee for 3000 homes on Hampden Fields, 1100 homes on Woodlands and development to the south of the Aston Clinton Road in addition to the development at Hampden Hall, BCC proposed that we reduce our catchment area to exclude these areas to address potential oversubscription issues ahead of any new schools being built.  These areas will now fall within the Bedgrove School catchment to accommodate demand from these new developments ahead of any new schools being built.  BCC will review the catchment areas of any new schools proposed within the new developments before they are opened.

In addition, following the recent approval of 600 homes across a number of schemes in the Aston Clinton village, BCC also proposed to expand our catchment area to cover a small area to the east of the village.  This area would have a shared catchment area with Aston Clinton School.  The LA does not expect this catchment change to impact on parental choice (i.e. the purpose of catchment areas is to prioritise admissions) - it is intended to increase parental options in the area. The new catchment areas are intended to encourage parents to include 'next nearest' schools as a preference should the catchment school become oversubscribed and reducing the risk of pupils having to travel a disproportionate distance to their next nearest school with a place available.

While the LA supports the principle of local schools for local children, it is impossible to get a perfect match between pupil demand and capacity at catchment level due to volatility in pupil/population migration trends and housing growth.  Therefore in line with government guidance BCC plans school provision at wider area level to recognise the complexities of predicting parental demand - and it expects these catchment areas to help support parental choice and reduce any negative impact on the admissions of schools in the area as a result of housing growth and new school proposals.  Due to the volatility in pupil/population migration trends in the area as a result of new housing, the LA will continue to monitor the primary pupil demand and housing growth in the area (and the impact of the new schools) and where necessary consider further options to ensure it meets its statutory duty to ensure sufficient school places.

The governors of Weston Turville CE School support the changes suggested by the Local Authority, but also wish to make clear that the parish boundary, which is larger than the main catchment area, remains the catchment area for those children applying on religious preference grounds with proof of attendance at a local Church of England church.  Parents applying on these grounds should fill in the supplementary form at the end of our policy and return it directly to the school.

There were no objections received by the Governing Body during the consultation period so the 2019-20 arrangements have now been determined.

Please see our 2019-20 Admissions Policy below.