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Our Nature Reserve project has begun!

With support from the Chiltern Rangers we have now begun our project to re-develop our school's Nature Reserve.  

Twenty years ago all our children and staff planted a tree in a large field behind the school - around 250 trees!  These trees are now mature and we are lucky enough to have a fantastic woodland for the children to learn in.  However, taking care of a woodland takes time and knowledge.  This is where Paul Stack and his team of Chiltern Rangers have stepped in.  They plan to divide the woodland into areas, including wildflower meadows, bird-watching areas, glades and teaching spaces, and have already begun this work with our (last year's) Year 5s.  Much more is to come!

We would like to thank Paul and his team for all their hard work, Heart of Bucks and the PTA for providing the funds to pay for it and our parents for supporting the PTA!  None of this could happen without you all.

A special mention must also go to those ex-pupils and staff who remember planting the trees.  Come and see us - you just won't believe it!