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Reception Class

Parents find out which school their child has been allocated in April and induction begins in June.  All children who have been allocated a place are invited to end two induction afternoons, one with half the class (15 pupils) and one with the whole class (30 pupils).  Parents are invited to an evening induction meeting.  During the Summer Term the class teacher and SENCo visit the pre-schools the children are coming from to hand over the necessary information.  There is also a 'stay and play' session where children and parents are invited to come and spend time playing in the classroom together once our current pupils have gone home.

In September the children start school and parents are invited to come in with the children to settle them in.  In the first two weeks of the term all parents are invited to an individual meeting with the staff to talk about their child.

Some children find the transition into school challenging and all of them find it tiring.  Our job is to make the process as easy as possible for them.  Therefore we provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere and we don't force the children to do anything until they are ready.  For example, the children usually have playtimes in their own outdoor area before joining the Class 1s and 2s around the end of October.  Some Summer-born children, or those with additional needs, find that full-time school is too much at first and parents choose for them to attend part-time to begin with, rising to full-time when they are ready.